Hi there

Welcome to my page for occasional blogs and for information about my books and research projects.

About Julia Bradshaw

Historian and writer living in Hokitika, New Zealand. Special interests are the goldrushes, the West Coast of New Zealand, crime and the stories of women and Chinese on the goldfields. Also keen on tramping (hiking) and involved in the Mt Brown Hut Community Project.
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2 Responses to Hi there

  1. Ade says:

    Hi Guys
    We dont doubt that the last thing on your minds is your trip back home but just wondering if you want us to do or/ and to get anything ready for your return ? Happy safe travels Ade & Jules X

    • Wow, you guys are amazing! I don’t think there is anything but thanks so much for the offer. Dave Wilson is working on the hut and will be keeping an eye on the place. We look forward to seeing you after we get back (on 13th). Hugs Julia

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